Environmental concerns. Ever-changing regulations. Government and industries around the world need to transform aging or outdated infrastructure into globally competitive, sustainable enterprises, without interrupting the business cycle or critical services to consumers.

Your Business with F&R Worldwide

Growing populations are also increasing demand for dependable energy, clean air and water, and environmentally friendly development. Along with our technical experience and remarkable customer service, F&R Worldwide brings vision that helps our clients make their projects cost-effective, lasting, and successful.  We do this by offering the following service lines:

  • Environmental ServicesEnvironmental

    Assessments, Balance Studies, IPPC documentation, Permitting Services, Due Diligence, Audits, Environmental Management Plans (EMP), Remediation services, Waste management, Technical Studies, Feasibility Studies, and more.

  • Geotechnical ServicesGeotechnical

    Foundation Recommendations, Ground Improvement Techniques, Slope Stability Evaluations, Pavement Design, Hydrogeology Studies, Geotechnical Construction Services, Soil Testing and Compaction, and more.

  • Construction Support ServicesConstruction Support

    Project Management and Administration, Contractor Pre-Qualification, Bidding and Pre-Construction, Submittals and Documentation Tracking, Verification of Construction Quality, Construction Materials Testing, Site Supervision, Progress Inspections, and more.