Geotechnical ServicesGeotechnical Services

For construction projects, our engineers develop customized foundation systems and ground improvement techniques, and provide services such as ongoing foundation monitoring and quality control testing. We also offer a variety of hydrogeological analysis and testing services.

  • Drilling – Bucharest
  • Plate load tests – Pitesti
  • Shelby Tube Evidence – Moreni
  • Log Core Evidence – Brasov
  • Bloc Diagram Geotechnical Study – Office Building Pipera
  • Geotechnical Investigation and Slope Stability Analysis -  Sarata Monteoru
  • Hollow Stem Augering – Brasov
  • Shelby Tube Collection – Brasov
  • Preparatory work for drilling – Brasov
  • Performing Automatic SPT test – Arad

Geotechnical Services Overview

  • Foundation Recommendations
  • Ground Improvement Techniques
  • Slope Stability Evaluations
  • Pavement Design
  • Hydrogeology Studies
  • Geotechnical Construction Services
  • Soil Testing and Compaction

Drilling Services

Thorough geotechnical analysis requires expert drilling services and expertise. F&R Worldwide owns and maintains drill rigs and employs experienced drill operators and analysts, to provide unmatched geotechnical support to our clients.

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Video: Static pushing of the Shelby Tube for undisturbed sample collection

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Video: Extraction of the Shelby Tube

Our modern rigs have earned a reputation second to none for outstanding performance and reliability. Mounted on six all-wheel drive 20-ton chassis trucks, our rigs utilize both hollow stem augers for dry drilling and conventional mud rotary drilling. The rigs are also equipped with automatic hammers for extremely consistent and accurate Standard Penetration Test results. All equipment is consistently maintained by our in-house staff of mechanics to ensure optimal delivery throughout ongoing projects.

  • Hollow stem augers allow for efficient and productive drilling to meet tight time schedules
  • Reliable even in the most challenging soil conditions, such as very dense gravel, hard clay, shale, coal and mine tailings
  • Simple design allowing quicker connections and improved drilling efficiency
  • Sample collection by variable mechanical devices, depending on the project, including, undisturbed thin-walled Shelby tubes, split barrel samplers, split spoon, core barrel, and continuous rock coring with wire line system
  • Monitoring well and Piezometer installation is more cost effective, faster and less likely to cross contaminate aquifers.