About Us

F&R Worldwide was established in November 2005 and is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. Our parent company, Froehling & Robertson, Inc., based in Richmond, Virginia, has provided outstanding environmental, geotechnical and engineering services for its clients in the U.S. and abroad for over 125 years. We recently completed a strategic joint venture with SGDA Europe in 2008, to create a multinational team of engineers and scientists, with offices in Central and Eastern Europe and the United States.


  • Ministry of Environment
  • National Agency of Mineral Resources to perform supervision of petroleum operations
  • Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection to provide H&S services
  • EN ISO 9001:2008, EN ISO 14001:2005, AND BS OHSAS 18001:2007 — see certificate

F&R Worldwide EN ISO 9001:2008 F&R Worldwide EN ISO 14001:2005 şi F&R Worldwide BS OHSAS 18001:2007


Experience in the management of air, water and soil resources combined with expertise in European and Romanian industrial and environmental policies, makes F&R Worldwide an outstanding partner in the developing markets of Central and Eastern Europe. F&R Worldwide has assembled numerous specialized teams to complete a wide range of projects for Romanian businesses and international companies.

With rich history, unmatched expertise, and vision, F&R Worldwide is focused on helping domestic and international companies doing business in Central and Eastern Europe, address the enormous environmental challenges facing this part of the world today. F&R Worldwide is recognized as one of the leading environmental and geotechnical firms in Romania.


We interact with clients, government agencies, and partners with complete transparency in our objectives. Whether on a friendly joint venture with a competitor, or helping clients obtain compliance with government regulation, our intentions are always clear and straightforward.

Customer Focused

First, we listen. Then, we evaluate. Then, we respond. We are motivated by our client’s concerns and are driven by customer satisfaction. Over long-term projects, through continuous review of our strategies, we remain responsive and adaptable, even in the face of unexpected circumstances.